Summer Programs 2024

All programs will be held at the Museum
JUNE 11, TUESDAY, 7:00 pm

Program: Norway Telephone Company History

Susan Denison will give an overview of the telephone system in Norway from its beginning in 1885, as a line strung between two livery stables, to the closing of the Norway telephone office in 1977. As a bonus, a recorded oral history interview of former operator Janice Guilford discussing her duties will be featured. Ms. Guilford was an operator in the Norway office from the late 1950s until it closed. NMHS especially invites anyone who was a telephone operator in Norway to attend and share their own memories of the job.

JULY 13, SATURDAY, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm


The Museum will be open and providing tours throughout the day. We will be selling pie slices with ice cream and iced tea for $5.00.

JULY 16, TUESDAY, 7:00 pm

Program: History of Norways Corn Shop

Brad Cummings will present the evolution of the corn packing industry in our community.  Started in 1881 as the Winslow Packing Co. it became the Norway Packing Co. until its closing in 1953.  It produced 308,000 cans of corn and beans in 1883. Please join us if you have stories to tell about this unique business.

AUGUST 13, TUESDAY, 7:00 pm
Program: The Klain Family: A Norway WW 1 Story

Angela Todd recently stumbled upon the Klain family memorial stone at the corner by the Guy Rowe School. She will present a story-based archive talk. Join us to hear the Klain family story, and learn about the importance of archives in the historical record.

EVENT: Norway History Walking Tours

This year’s walking tour will visit the location of five historic buildings on Main Street. Reenac- tors will tell the story of each location and the people associated with them. Tour times and ticket information will be announced in the summer and posted on the NMHS website and Facebook page.

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